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Do not rest...

In the book The Anointing by R. T. Kendall he talks about the danger of becoming what he calls “yesterday’s man”.  People who had a tremendous anointing on their lives yesterday can live off the momentum of that anointing for a while.  Some people even think the anointing is still on them, but it is the momentum of yesterday’s anointing. 

He goes on to say that “Sometimes the greatest opposition to what God wants to do next, comes from those who were on the cutting edge of what God did last” p133

You need God’s anointing today more than you did yesterday. And you will need it even more tomorrow than you do today!  Without it, you are below average, and you will eventually become yesterday’s man. With it, the law of averages is out the window! We don’t just let the future happen; we make it happen by allowing God to lead us to the impossible.

What got you here might not get you where you need to go next. At critical junctures you have to jump the curve. You have to reinvent yourself; you cannot rest on yesterday’s success, Reimagine your life, Re-trust in the Lord.  You cannot out dream God!

I am going to ask and keep asking that each of you spend more and more time in prayer for our school and church.  The Lord took us from 3 students to 17 students.   He blessed us with two awesome teachers.  Let us not rest on the miracle. Let’s us not bask in the “yesterday” anointing that the Lord did for us. Let us double our efforts and trust to follow the Lord to the next level.  Both Satan and God are watching to see if you will give up. We are going to be asked to step out in faith and provide for the teachers, students and families for another year.  We may not know yet how many students, or where the financing is going to come from.  But I do know for certain that the Lord did not get us to 17 students for us to give up.   I also know for certain that He has all the answers and He knows exactly what, when and where these answers will come from. 

Praying Hourly!


Thoughts come from Elder Larry Brown, Head Elder of the Los Banos SDA Church in California